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Washing your motorcycle abroad

I am from the Netherlands, a country where the car wash is fully automated and there is seldom a person to wash your car. Even the neighborhood kids do not come to the house to wash your car and probably your own kids are not willing to do so either. We grownups wash it on Sunday, with the garden hose, or go to an all-in drive-through. So washing my motor in countries where car-washing is actually a profession is an adventure for me.

When I did a 54 long off-road motorcycle trip to Punta Allen I had to wash the bike, I drove through mud, dust, and mud again and the clay was packed on my bike and dust was everywhere. It would be my first time in Mexico. I had done it myself in the Philippines (or very lazy, have my son do it for me). It is like: put some 10 PHP coins in a machine and have a high-pressure hose available, or I had these motorcycle shop guys do it for me if I wanted it polished. as well.

I had no clue about the prices and possibilities in Cancun where I am currently staying. Well, it is big business here, Some gas-stations offer car has, and here and there are do-it-yourself wash booths. But We choose an all-inclusive rinse and soap at a professional car wash.

Check out the video to see what is done and what it cost, and see the amazing make-over of an almost dirt bike to a normal BMW G 310GS again.

Looks good, doesn’t it? The guy was extremely careful with not polishing the brake disks, I remembered one time in Dumaguete in the Philippines the enthusiastic washing boys polished my brake disks as well and I nearly ran into a busy traffic crossing because my brakes did not work and I had to buy new brake pads and have the disks cleaned. Your brake pads slip full in a sec and they were beyond saving.

That never happened to me again, now I watch the whole process carefully. It can seriously kill you when they do that.

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