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What does my Handwriting say about me?

When I started writing a diary, I trained myself in another handwriting. More square with block letters only, way different from the round, messy handwriting I use for notes, grocery lists and doodles. It’s a bit like a comic book handwriting. and I only use it in my diaries.

My handwriting is influenced by the quality of paper and pen I write with. The paper needs resistance to the pen and the pen needs to have a good grip. When the paper is to smooth, to thin or even to think, that handwriting changes, slightly, but it changes. So over the years I learned I wrote the best in the beautiful Paper Blanc diaries and Peter Pauper booklets. Pens from Stabilo, but not all pens by Stabilo. I just try them in the shop before buying, how thin the line is and how they feel in my hand.

Oh, and a weirdo thing: I never use a blue pen. Always black, and sometimes a color like pink or green, but never standard blue.

The position of my hand and arm also influence my writing. And the way I hold my pen is always the same. But when writing my diary I write more from the wrist. I do need a certain space to angle my arm, but the writing movement comes from the wrist.
That all may sound a bit complicated to you, but it isn’t it is more of a studied habit.
I have grown into the things I need and now they come naturally. And it’s fun to go shopping for new diaries and check out all kinds of paper to see if I can cut back on costs since Paper Blancs do not fit in my budget anymore.
I write everywhere: public transport, bars, restaurants, park benches, on the beach and at home at my work table and sometimes even in bed. I started writing like this almost 8 years ago and I think I will never stop.

Last week I wondered what my handwriting would say about me. Because I have two different kinds of writings and where the similarities and contradictions between the two are.

So what does my handwriting say about me?

When my handwriting would be analyzed by a professional I’m sure they are a lot more alike than when I compare them and analyze them. I stumbled upon this website  and this is what I found

  1. Strong focus and concentration, introverted
    Yes, I may have become more introverted over the years. And When working I keep my focus. But on the other hand…….I can also lack discipline, herky-jerky is my middle name.
  2. Ruled by logic instead of emotion Yeah right, that’s why I’m so in touch with my emotions I sometimes get overwhelmed. But when it comes to working, I am ruled by logic, that’s correct. But I do listen to my intuition and as a woman, I never rule out emotions entirely.
  3. Solid and pragmatic Solid means: steadfast? I need some improvement on that, but pragmatic that’s me for sure.
  4. Strong emotions and experience things in an intense way. Well, that’s me, see why I get confused with the number 2.
  5. I do not have a huge circle of friends, it takes a lot before I call somebody a friend. So there I get confused again since my lower zone is slender and short, but I’m not a homely person at all. I’m always staring at the horizon wondering what lies beyond it,
  6. squelched hopes and dreams, Yes for a while, but I’m back on track now and I do have big hopes for the future, so maybe my upper zone will get more looped now than it ever was?
  7. The under zone tells me that I’m a good worker with loads of self-discipline
  8.  I’m considered to be very sensitive to criticism and even slightly paranoid.
  9. I’m intelligent and intuitive but I write ‘connected’. So here I get confused again, but who cares, maybe I’m that kind of person that is intelligent enough to make wise decisions while being intuitive.
  10. I pay great attention to detail, that is so true.
  11. And I’m very aware of boundaries as well.

Now that was fun to do. How are your scores? Do you recognize yourself? Or do you get confused on some points as I did?  This is just one of the many tests on handwriting available, and for me, the description comes pretty close.

 Why do I write with pen and paper?

What does handwriting say?

Writing slows me down, My thoughts need to slow down to keep up with my writing speed. When working behind my laptop I can be as fast as a high-speed long-distance train, and sometimes even for me, it is difficult to catch up with my own ideas and thoughts.

Before I know it I’m at the end of the thoughts having this beautiful great picture in my head, but I have to go back all the way to figure out how I got there. Recognize that?
So writing ‘old skool’ slows me down just enough to pick up my speed. It calms my soul. It helps to take away the sharp edges of life and it is a good therapy for me to get a grip on my brain.

Maybe that explains why my handwriting for the more important stuff is square and not round: it gives me boundaries, it helps me to think of solutions, it makes me very introverted, the world can come to an end without me noticing it when I’m writing, and it is very detailed.

How about your handwriting?

Like me you can teach yourself different handwriting, you just need discipline. It took me a while before I got the hang of it, and in the beginning, my writing was so slow. Now I’m picking it up much easier after not having written for a day or so and it is like a natural thing for me.

Make sure you invest a little in a good pen and the right paper. Create a space in the house that is your writing space. Make sure there is good light, no shadow from your hand on your writings, and take time. Find a way to go with the flow of your own hands and thoughts. What might help to figure out how your muscles influence your writing movements, write in the air, big letters, reduce them to smaller words and feel the movement in your shoulder, arm, and wrist?

Try to focus on those muscles when writing in your diary, use them to create your own beautiful handwriting.


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