What is a Personal Lifestyle?

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The definition of lifestyle is the way a person or group lives. It includes a personal or group style, attitudes and even possessions.

A lifestyle determines how and where you fit in, or not fit in. It is a pattern of multiple things that describes how a group or person behaves.

A person or a group can adapt a lifestyle

A lifestyle is determined by:

  • Choices made
  • Behaviour shown
  • The place you grew up

and being influenced by this creates a form of identity.

A lifestyle is often influenced by culture, group dynamics or social Behaviour pre determined through laws, rules and guidelines. On top of that, a lifestyle can also be very personal and exclusive. Like people living as a recluse or living in a country with a strong sense of culture and and respect for habits.

Most of all a lifestyle is a matter of choices you make in your life.

Creating a lifestyle involves the following areas:

Norms and values:

How you approach people and interact with them, what behavior you accept, tolerate or dismiss, and the way you define wrong and right.


Your style at work or your profession as a single fact can be a form of a lifestyle or influence your lifestyle.

Consumer behavior:

What you eat, where you eat, what you wear or refuse to wear, the gadgets you use and services offered in society, what you use and throw away, what products you like and dislike, can add to your lifestyle. Do you commute, own a car or walk? Think of minimalism, vegans, gadget freaks to name a few.


Do you manage your finances? Do you have a loan or a mortgage? Do you save? How do you spent your money? What are your believes on wealth and poverty?

Religion and/or spirituality:

Do you believe in a God or follow a philosophy. Are there rituals in your life that are based on following a higher entity? Do you pursuit spirituality? Do you take time to reflect on the things going on in your life?


Do you work out, eat healthy or do you have an abundant lifestyle? Do you smoke, drink or use drugs?

Hobbies and activities:

Do you have solo hobbies or group activities? What do you like to do in your free time or to relax? Do you pursue interests and develop your skills or even learn new ones?

Social Status:

Your culture and how you are raised are the first things that define you and your lifestyle, where you live is an important influencer. But also how you develop after that. Working or unemployed, dressed for the occasion or always casual? Do you have a large family, a loner or maybe you’re a team player?

From all of the above you can break free. And all of the above you can influence and change. It takes willpower and determination. A strong focus and a goal orientated mindset. But you can influence your lifestyle step by step, day after day.

Not everybody breaks free in such a dramatic way as we from Floating Coconut did: leaving all behind and become global nomads, living out of a bag.

Sometimes a lifestyle change can be done by just changing your appearance or behavior. Sometimes you have to break away from a social group and find new friends, a new job or a new hobby.

Your lifestyle is mainly and mostly influenced by what others think of you and how others see you, how you fit in the system. But also the social structure you work and live in. How easy you can adapt and blend in.

It takes self confidence and will power to break through all that and make life changes.

If you have any questions about breaking free from the life you have now, or need any help to achieve that freedom check out JC’s Patreon page for a lot more content on this subject.

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