were can I buy Fire Works Dumaguete
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Where to buy Fireworks in Dumaguete city

There is a lot of confusion on whether or not President Duterte put a ban on private fireworks. There are many Filipinos that believe fireworks are not allowed anymore unless it is set off by an official company and special permit.

But President Duterte has only ordered stricter rules on fireworks. And there is a long list of fireworks that are illegal.

Other than that fireworks are still available and the sale has started today. But you may be wise to wait until December 31 to get a big discount, for it is rather pricey.

For Dumaguete, the so-called Firecrackers zone is just outside the city center
I went for a visit and had a talk with the vendors there.

This article and this article explain exactly what fireworks are banned by the palace and what is allowed for home usage and why President Duterte has a wish for the banning of fireworks in the Philippines.

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