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Where to park your car in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen changed from a sleepy little fishermen’s town to a fast-growing Tourist hot spot. With new short-term rentals and Airbnb on the rise, the city gets crowded especially during the high season.

I think besides finding a quiet spot on the beach, the next big challenge is to find a parking space. If you rent a car, pass through Playa del Carmen on your way to Cozumel or just visit for a short break, you want to park your car somewhere safe.

Now parking used to be free in Playa del Carmen and with its wide avenues and streets it was easy to park, even near the beach access.

parking Playa del Carmen 2021

In 2020 that all has changed, no more free parking in Playa del Carmen

Every street from the beach up to 35th street is paid to park only. That means that you can only park your car for free 1 block from the Carretera, or with a special permit.

The price is not high, a few pesos per hour, but it adds up.

The maximum parking time is 8 hours. 

And don’t even think of parking near a yellow line, or not paying, for Transito has special people going around with wheel clamps, and you will receive one plus a ticket.

The enforcement is strict. No arguing that you were only just a few minutes in the OXXO, once the ticket book is out, you will be fined. And when you are in a paid spot without payment, you get a wheel clamp.

parking meters in Playa del Carmen

Where to park your car long-term?

Street parking is not a great spot for the long term and you may find a maximum amount of hours, after which you have to buy a new ticket.
And we all know that the special Cozumel parking spaces that you are lured into when searching for a parking space around Benito Juarez Avenida are a huge money scam.

Playa del Carmen parking

Better to explore 10th Avenue and find a cheaper parking spot.

There are a few 24-hour parking spaces along 10th avenue. They charge 2 pesos per hour and 24-hour parking is allowed at some of them.
Some people may suggest on Tripadvisor to use parking garages underneath the shopping mall, but not all of them allow 24-hour parking. Most of them allow a maximum parking time of 8 hours.

Make sure you have checked out your parking opportunities on Google maps, all along 10th and even further away from the tourist area to find a good spot when you want to park your car during your visit to Cozumel.

Did you know there is a car ferry leaving every so many hours a little higher up the coast in the direction of Puerto Aventuras that takes cars to Cozumel?

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