Writings of a not so average Digital Nomad

My name is Jeanette, also known as JC from Holland, I guess because of my lifestyle of work and travel you can call me a digital nomad. But I am not an average digital nomad.


jc from Holland, Philippines, female, lady riderAverage Nomads are 30-something, travel a lot, own a huge backpack, live or work in tribes, mostly in Nomad Hotspots, and their core income is online income.

And I am over 60 (born in 1961), dislike Nomad Hotspots, do not work or travel in tribes, do not own a huge backpack, travel slow, very slow,  meaning I stay in one country for a long period of time and travel in that specific country, travel on a motorcycle, haven’t got all my income eggs in one (online) basket.

I own 2 websites, Floating Coconut, and my Dutch website Leaving Holland., I have visited over 32% of the world, I love my job as an immigration coach, write daily in a diary, paper or online. I am writing my memoires and planning on publishing them anytime next year.

From my Diary

Moving to Mexico in 2023

Maybe you are considering moving to Mexico in 2023, or the near future, but you are not sure. How does life look in Mexico nowadays? Is it still affordable, and how about the new smoking laws? And not to forget: ...
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The new Anti Tobacco law for Mexico

Mexico has implemented the most strict anti-tobacco law in the world. It is now completely prohibited to smoke in public spaces. The step, which was first approved in 2021, also includes a ban on tobacco advertising. Other Latin American countries ...
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Can you run a Wordpress website without Wordpress?

Those who are running a website using WordPress are not all overjoyed with the developments WordPress is implementing. Especially not Gutenberg. Who wants blocks? we all wonder since their own "Kill Gutenberg"-plugin is the best downloaded and used plugin in ...
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How much does it cost to live in Mexico

The basic living expenses in Mexico are cheaper than in the United States, Canada or even some parts in Europe. Especially when it comes to housing costs.  The cost of living in Mexico, or any country in the world,  kind ...
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How do I make a living working online?

It was a jump into the deep end when I left the Netherlands in 2015 to become a digital nomad at the age of 54. But I made it, somehow. It has not always been easy, and still, I know ...
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Time zones and summertime in Mexico

When you travel to or through Mexico you might need to reset your watch a few times. Mexico has 4 different time zones. The time zones in Mexico are named: Central, Northwest, Pacific, and Southeast. And that is divided over ...
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Motorcycle Road Trip Mexico part 5

The first days in the real mountains. We have left the rolling hills behind us and climbed to 2100meters above sea level. And that is noticeable. Lightheaded and a bit jet-lagged we ride on to San Cristobal de Las Casas ...
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Motorcycle Road trip Mexico part 4

Isla Aguada is not the most logical place to stop for the night. Most people push through a little further and stop in Cuidad del Carmen. But I am not "Most people" and therefore I discovered a cute village at ...
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Motorcycle road trip Mexico part 2

Time to say goodbye to Merida and its beautiful surroundings. Time to move on to Campeche. I am on a road trip from Cancun to La Paz, and that trip is roughly divided into 3 parts. After each part, it ...
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I am no longer reading the news

Living as a foreigner in another country gives you the unique opportunity to live in your own bubble. You can break out of the bubble anytime you like to interact with local people, but you can crawl into your own ...
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Grocery shopping at Chedraui La Paz, BCS, Mexico

Every few days we ride to La Paz, the nearby city, to get our groceries. Since I do not cook for my son anymore and he runs his own household we often need a lot. The side cases and bags ...
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Riding a Motorcycle in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Today I take you on a ride. To Los Barilles. And although the video is in Dutch, there is an English translation.  I made this video to show some of my followers how it is to ride in a dry ...
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Replacing a Clutch Cable on a BMW G310GS in Mexico

During my last ride I noticed some problems with my clutch and shifting gears, it felt like it wasn't working properly and in my mind, due to living in the desert, I thought it all needed a good spray with ...
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There is no water today!

I am from the Netherlands an over-regulated country where everything always is available and always works. Well, at least there is always water coming from the tap. And it is drinking water, a pure quality that makes buying bottled water ...
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Best time to visit La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

After I left Cancun in 2021 and drove around Mexico on my motorbike, I ended up in the area of La Paz, Baja California Sur. And I was surprised by the cold weather. I had little clothes to get me ...
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15 ways to fight depression while traveling

It may sound weird to you, traveling long term and visiting the most beautiful countries and places and getting depressed. But it is not strange at all. I know many long-term travelers that suffer one way or another from burnout ...
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