Writings of a not so average Digital Nomad

My name is Jeanette, also known as JC from Holland, I guess because of my lifestyle of work and travel you can call me a digital nomad. But I am not an average digital nomad.


jc from Holland, Philippines, female, lady riderAverage Nomads are 30-something, travel a lot, own a huge backpack, live or work in tribes, mostly in Nomad Hotspots, and their core income is online income.

And I am over 60 (born in 1961), dislike Nomad Hotspots, do not work or travel in tribes, do not own a huge backpack, travel slow, very slow,  meaning I stay in one country for a long period of time and travel in that specific country, travel on a motorcycle, haven’t got all my income eggs in one (online) basket.

I own 2 websites, Floating Coconut, and my Dutch website Leaving Holland., I have visited over 32% of the world, I love my job as an immigration coach, write daily in a diary, paper or online. I am writing my memoires and planning on publishing them anytime next year.

From my Diary

How to deal with my writers block?

Looking back on my life, reflecting. Changing my perspective from a near future that holds next to nothing due to the pandemic, to the past, where memories linger. In my Facebook account that I do not use anymore, I find ...
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Reflecting on travel and living in a desert

A long time ago I took the picture above the blog article. It was in Zaandam, Zaanse Schans, an open-air museum filled with mills and cheese and other Dutch stuff. I was a tourist in my own country first before ...
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Life in Mexico goes on!

The daily life of a digital nomad, and daily life in Mexico. snippets from all over the country, because life goes on. There may be a lockdown in the Netherlands, but I live a free life in Mexico. I travel, ...
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Renting a house in La Paz, Mexico

Suddenly I realize I am nearly at the end of my long motorcycle journey through Mexico. I left the beautiful house I rented in Cancun and set off on a journey to La Paz, Baja California Sur, over the libre, ...
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Travel Photos The Public Market in Mexico

I have seen many public markets all over the world, but the ones in Mexico keep amazing me. You can buy anything there, from speakers to car parts and from food to clothes and flowers.  Some public markets are so ...
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Travel Photos: Merida, Mexico

Finally our #FromPuebloToPueblo motor trip through Mexico has started. We traveled from Cancun to Merida, no highway no toll. Just riding from village to village, from pueblo to pueblo. For we believe this way we see the real Mexico. Our ...
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I almost gave up!! RoadTrip to Bacalar.

I am the kind of person that can go really low when things go wrong. I am a glass-half-empty kind of person. When the glass was full, I drank half of it, that was good (or not??) and now it ...
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Reflecting on solo travel and loneliness

It is about enjoying the status you have right now……. A random line I read on the internet as I research the topic of being single and longing for touch. I long for touch, but I am also enjoying the ...
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Is Cancun nice?

This blog contains a collection of videos of Cancun. It is not about the Hotel Zone, but the real Cancun, where your hotel staff lives. The streets, the shops, the houses. I walked, rode, and lived in those areas on ...
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Is everything on the Internet true?

Gosh, I wish. I wish everything you read on the internet was true. Then it would be an amazing medium to help us grow and discover. But unfortunately, there is so much rubbish and fake news out there that it ...
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Travel photos: Samar and Leyte in The Philippines

Samar and Leyte are provinces not many tourists got o visit. And that is a shame, for although they are poorer than other parts of the Philippines, they are abundant in everything else. Especially in nature. There is plenty of ...
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Become a top reviewer on TripAdvisor

I joined TripAdvisor in 2016 I believe. I created a profile and started reviewing. I have ranked up to Level 6 Contributor since than. And I always wonder what that really means. The points they give me for every review ...
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Good morning, give me money!

It is almost a daily greeting from the neighboring children when they spot me: Hello, give me money! At first, I thought: you impolite little greedy ones. Now, after a week or so, I wonder if they even know what ...
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Single again and the final destination set

Just an update on my daily life. A lot is happening and I have been so busy lately. So I mainly worked on programming the blog, preparing for the road trip, and healing from heartbreak once again.  Let's do it ...
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The BMW Black Collection and SW Motech side carrier, does it fit?

Many people probably wonder, just like I have if the BMW Black collection fits on a Sw motech, slc side carrier. When we look at the BMW promotion video for the side bags, we get a glimpse of the click ...
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Why I like being a Recluse

Many studies state that human beings need contact with other human beings. We need both intellectual, social, and sexual interactions with other human beings in order to blossom and grow. As a reclusive, I can say: I’m only human. Occasionally ...
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