Writings of a not so average Digital Nomad

My name is Jeanette, also known as JC from Holland, I guess because of my lifestyle of work and travel you can call me a digital nomad. But I am not an average digital nomad.

Average Nomads are 30-something, travel a lot, own a huge backpack, live or work in tribes, mostly in Nomad Hotspots, and their core income is online income.

And I

  • am over 60 (born in 1961)
  • dislike Nomad Hotspots
  • do not work or travel in tribes
  • do not own a huge backpack
  • travel slow, very slow,  meaning I stay in one country for a long period of time and travel in that specific country.
  • travel on a motorcycle.
  • haven’t got all my income eggs in one (online) basket.

And there is more to know about me, that is why I write.

Here on Floating Coconut, but also on my Dutch website Leaving Holland. 

From my Diary

I moved house and got my Motorbike!!

Moving to Mexico has been a big challenge when it comes to patience. When I left the Philippines I had no idea I would be on a motorbike for 2 years. Two years ago I roamed the streets of Rome, ...
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Identity Crisis

All that is me will be gone

The moment I go past the passport control at Schiphol Airport I leave my Dutch life behind me. And all that is me will be gone. There are days that I really need to catch my breath on that part ...
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What does my handwriting say about me

What does my Handwriting say about me?

When I started writing a diary, I trained myself in another handwriting. More square with block letters only, way different from the round, messy handwriting I use for notes, grocery lists and doodles. It’s a bit like a comic book ...
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Why I like being alone

Sometimes I read articles about loneliness, and they always seem to refer to people with limited social contacts. But real loneliness is about nog feeling connected to people. Some people can feel lonely in a huge crowd. And that is ...
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the digital nomad thing

Women Traveling Alone

People ask me if I'm not afraid of travelling as a single woman or living in a foreign country all alone. Well, for me it is a little bit different of course because I will be travelling with my son ...
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Digital Nomad in lockdown

It is itching, I need to travel, but I cannot. Currently, I am in Mexico, and I know I am lucky to be in a country that handles COVID19 that well, but at the same time, I am beginning to ...
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My anniversary, 5 years on the road, the magic!

By the end of the month September 2020, I remember that I left the Netherlands for good, 5 years ago. Standing in the almost empty house that I left for the bank to sell, and staring at a backpack with ...
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My anniversary, 5 years on the road, the downside

The last day of September 2015 I left the Netherlands for good to follow my dreams and escape an unfolding nightmare of endless unemployment and financial cutbacks that were happening in my life. Time to change things for the better ...
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Nomad lifestyle and love relationships

The subtitle of this article is "Rethinking relationships" I am 59, a nomad, always standing out in a crowd in the countries I date, yet I cannot find what I am looking for. How is that possible? Well, because I ...
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On Sundays I write a post for my diary

Sundays I claimed as a day to write a personal update here. Because I like to keep my followers informed. Because I like to build my own reference about how my life on the road progresses and how I change ...
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time in Mexico Cancun

What is the time in Mexico

So when I wrote this article for my Dutch website Leaving Holland, I realized that buying a watch for my MC trips might not be such a good idea. In my black and white operating mind, I picture myself constantly ...
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5 Year itch or serious doubt about Nomad Life?

The other day I wrote in my paper diary: Maybe coming to Mexico was a serious mistake.....now that is a phrase to ponder about. I do intuitive writing and this came from a place I need to explore. Will you ...
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I ghosted my boyfriend

The moment I stopped investing in you

When I broke up with you I was hurt, I was in great pain. You broke my trust knowing that I had trust issues and although you promised me to be different, and that we would be different, you willingly ...
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no integrity dating

I dated a man with no integrity

Noun: Integrity ( in·teg·ri·ty /inˈteɡrədē ) the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. "he is known to be a man of integrity" Similar: honesty, uprightness, probity, rectitude, honour, good character, principle(s), ethics, morals Opposite: dishonesty ...
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curse blessing COVID digital nomad

Covid19 and Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Many nomads got stuck due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID19. Some had a flight home just before their guest countries went on lockdown, but most of us decided to ride out the storm in the country where we were ...
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falling in love online true story

Can you fall in love online? A true story

The COVID19 Pandemic has brought a whole new challenge to the online dating scene. While usually, people want to meet after a couple of chat messages, Now we have to wait, and if we do not have to wait because ...
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