Writings of a not so average Digital Nomad

My name is Jeanette, also known as JC from Holland, I guess because of my lifestyle of work and travel you can call me a digital nomad. But I am not an average digital nomad.


jc from Holland, Philippines, female, lady riderAverage Nomads are 30-something, travel a lot, own a huge backpack, live or work in tribes, mostly in Nomad Hotspots, and their core income is online income.

And I am over 60 (born in 1961), dislike Nomad Hotspots, do not work or travel in tribes, do not own a huge backpack, travel slow, very slow,  meaning I stay in one country for a long period of time and travel in that specific country, travel on a motorcycle, haven’t got all my income eggs in one (online) basket.

I own 2 websites, Floating Coconut, and my Dutch website Leaving Holland., I have visited over 32% of the world, I love my job as an immigration coach, write daily in a diary, paper or online. I am writing my memoires and planning on publishing them anytime next year.

From my Diary

broken, gopro, warranty, return, policy

How to ship your GoPro by UPS, warranty procedure

My GoPro Hero5 Black got water inside the LCD screen in the front. It is a common problem with this camera and GoPro has no problems with the camera being returned within a reasonable time after purchase. Mine was bought ...
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6 years of social media exposure and how it changed me

It's been nearly 6 years that I am online, by choice, let me start by saying that. I had been online before I even started with Leavingholland.com and all the social media connected with it, but only as a blogger ...
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solo travel, benefits, why, solo, travel, good, tips

My 5 reasons why I like solo travel

There are many articles on the internet that tell you why it is good to travel solo, like 10 reasons, 16 reasons, etc. For me, none of those articles make any sense. For instant: it is cheaper? No way, hotel ...
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How safe is Cancun?

The most asked question for people traveling to foreign countries and especially Mexico is: is it safe? And I always hesitate to answer that kind of question. For it all depends. Safety is a feeling, based on several things and ...
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Travel Photos: Kuala Lumpur

I love to take photos of the cities I travel to. And usually, they are not general tourist photos. I like to capture moments, culture, people, and daily life. So you will find my photos maybe not so Kuala Lumpur, ...
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Lesson learned in world travel

What I learn while Traveling the World

It has been almost a year since I'm back on the road again. Traveling S.E.Asia. After traveling Europe and South America this was a continent I wanted to visit for a long time. And here I am, in my little ...
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Portfolio, JC from Holland, business, onlie working

How to stay Cool in a Tropical Business Meeting

Here I am, my first business meeting in the Philippines. And although I’ve been in this country for some months now, I still sweat. I sweat a lot. It is embarrassing sometimes, well, most of the time actually. One day I ...
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Travel Photos: People in the Philippines

There came a moment in my travels that I started to take photos from people. Street images, random faces which caught my eye. I'd never done that before. Usually, I find people a distraction in my photos. But the Filipino ...
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In my life it is always summer

Some people love the change of seasons. They love wintertime and shorter days, snow, cold, and all the stuff that comes with it. I am not that person. My life changed for the better when I gave in to that ...
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BMW G 310GS, fix, headlight, vibration

Our fix for the vibrating head light of the BMW G310GS

It is an awesome motorcycle, the BMW G 310GS, but it has a glitch. The headlight unit vibrates so much that the light beam is all over the place and upcoming traffic constantly thinks you are signaling.  Besides the friendly ...
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Washing your motorcycle abroad

I am from the Netherlands, a country where the car wash is fully automated and there is seldom a person to wash your car. Even the neighborhood kids do not come to the house to wash your car and probably ...
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piropo Mexico, sweet talk, flirting

The Art of Sweet Talk in Mexico

Sweet talk or piropos, there is a little confusion on the internet about what the real meaning of the word piropos is, some say it is pick-up lines, others say it is innocent flirting. But I know it confused me ...
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Mexican dating, ex boyfriend, getting back together

My ex is pursuing me to get me back

I think I am in a position many women that are heartbroken dream about. I have my ex pursuing me to get me back. So many websites are dedicated to this subject and women follow a hopeless cause of getting ...
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Can you run a Wordpress website without Jetpack?

In short? Yes, you can! And depending on the theme and plugins you use, your website will be a lot faster after removing Jetpack. Now with that open en out, here is why I removed Jetpack and how I added the ...
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quit Facebook and Instagram

I quit Facebook and Instagram

I quit Facebook and Instagram and I am still not sure whether or not that was a wise decision. I do miss the interaction, I got to know some awesome people there that I refer to as “friends” and I ...
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Typical Dutch URk

Early summer morning in the Netherlands

The blue sky gives away the promise of a hot day. In the Netherlands 'hot' is defined with a temperature well above 25º Celsius. Low humidity and hardly any wind, or wind coming from overland and not sea-wind. Sea wind ...
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