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Your visit to Isla Mujeres in Mexico got more expensive

If you plan to book your visit or stay to Isla Mujeres the small island just opposite Cancun in Mexico, your stay has just become more expensive due to new taxes for tourists.

The taxes are to relieve the pressure of environmental influences tourism has on the island. And will be used to lower governmental costs. Tourism puts a lot of strain on surroundings by for example transportation, the usage of aircon’s, bathroom use, garbage and laundry, infrastructure, etc.

Starting January first, 2022 the taxes will be per visit, and per overnight stay. In February 2022 the taxes will be raised.

As per Januari included in your ticket to enter the island will be a tax rate of 17,92 pesos per person per visit, and in February this will be 19,24 MXN (0,93 US$). It does not matter how you arrive, cruise, private boat, ferry, airplane, every person setting foot on the Island pays this amount.

When you stay overnight the taxes per person per night will be 26,89 pesos in January and in February and onward until further notice you will be charged 28.86 (1,39 US$) per person per night.

You do not pay for these taxes if you are a resident of the State of Quintana Roo.

These taxes are added to the VISITAX every visitor of the state of Quintana Roo has to pay on departure (read also: April 1, 2021, a visa tax for Mexico needs to be paid