About this blog

This blog used to be in English and was an informative website for people that wanted to live abroad. Or dreamt of a life of a digital nomad, work and travel.

I changed it, that is the best thing about being a website owner, that you decide what happens to the website, and that you can turn it into something different.

I even changed the name, not the URL but the website name is no longer “Floating Coconut”, although that name still suits me and I still like it. I turned it into Jeanette in Mexico, but I guess you got that already from the header. Dutch and English meet there, it means the same as it does in English, Jeanette in Mexico.

All English posts are in the archives. And the current posts are in Dutch, my mother tongue.
you can try to read them with a translator, but my writing style is sarcastic and so unique I doubt a translator will catch the undertone in my writing.
Better if you speak Dutch, trust me.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I mean, you are reading this, so you hoped for an English up to date website. Well, it is up to date, but no longer in English.