Highlights of the World

Getting a Mexican Visa

Our experience on getting a Mexican Routist Visa. Here's what we learned. Find out exactly what you need to look out for.

Mexico: First Impressions

We arrived in Mexico on February 19th of 2019. Here are our first impressions. The things we think are cool or not so cool.

Netherlands: What's changed

We left the Netherlands in 2015. In 2019 we made a brief visit for some business and thought the country changed a lot.

Shopping in Kuala Lumpur

In late 2018 we made a brief stop in Kuala Lumpur. The shopping there is great, if you know where to look. Find out how we did.

Islands to explore in the Philippines

We've been in the Philippines for more than 3 years. Here are some highlights of islands we think you should see and why.

History in Rome

We visited Rome in January 2019. A lot of history in this city. How did we see most attractions in one week?