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How to get from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen

The most affordable way to travel from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen is by ADO Bus. These touring car buses depart every half hour day and night from the airport to Playa del Carmen Alterna en 5th avenue. You get off the bus right in the middle of Downtown Playa or the tourist area on 5th Avenue, close to Playacar.

Traveling by ADO Bus, what you need to know:

  • you buy a ticket in the airport terminal after immigration and customs
  • from terminals 2 and 3, you walk to the right once outside the terminal, terminal 4 after exiting you turn left.
  • a bus ticket to Playa del Carmen is 208 pesos.
  • you can pay in dollars, the change will be given in pesos.
  • the trip will take 1 hour with one stop in Puerto Morelos
  • your luggage goes in the luggage compartment of the bus, no labels are given, but it is safe.
  • you have to show identification for registration at the ticket booth and when entering the bus
  • keep your ticket in case they want to check, it is your insurance for the trip
  • busses have free seating even though there is a seat number assigned
  • they keep the schedule, delays are rare

The bus schedule to Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen

Departure time

  • 01.30
  • 03.00
  • 08.15
  • 08.45
  • 09.15
  • 09.45
  • 10.15
  • 10.45
  • 11.05
  • 11.25
  • 11.45
  • 12.05
  • 12.25
  • 12.45
  • 13.10
  • 13.35
  • 14.00
  • 14.25
  • 14.50
  • 15.15
  • 15.40
  • 16.05
  • 16.30
  • 16.55
  • 17.15
  • 17.40
  • 18.00
  • 18.20
  • 18.45
  • 19.10
  • 19.35
  • 20.00
  • 20.25
  • 20.50
  • 21.15
  • 21.45
  • 22.30
  • 23.10
  • 23.59


Good to know:

Do not believe any taxi drivers or  ‘helpful’ strangers that tell you the bus has left, or the bus is not going that day. Those are just tricks to get you on an expensive taxi ride.

Arriving in Puerto Morelos

The bus makes 1 stop in Puerto Morelos. next to the highway near a gas station. There are a few taxis from there or collectivo’s (minivans) you can take them to the coast and the resort area.

When you cross the street and go under the highway, to the other side there might be more public transport for you to continue your trip.

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Arriving in Playa del Carmen

Depending on where you stay and where the bus stops, you get off in Alterna,(Downtown Playa del Carmen near Avenida 30, or in Turistica which is 5th avenue. From there you continue your journey in a taxi. A taxi ride in the city should not cost you more than 50 pesos. Going to Playacar might be more expensive. I’ve heard prices up to 300 pesos per ride. You are a tourist going to an exclusive area and you have luggage.

Be prepared to negotiate the price.

To Cozumel Ferry

If you are on your way to the Cozumel ferry, there are bicycle transporters that take you and your luggage to the terminal, but keep in mind it is only a short walk across Parque Las Fundadores passing Palapas, probably not more than 5 minutes.

Buy your tickets always from official ticket counters! Especially the ferry tickets! Official ticket counters are next to the ferry terminal and inside the ferry terminal, all others are selling points on a commission base. And you pay that commission. No matter what they promise you.

For hotels and resorts between Cancun and Playa del Carmen located along the highway in what they call “the Riviera Maya”, there is no ADO bus available. Your resort will most likely have an airport shuttle or you have to take a taxi from the airport.

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