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I want to travel the world, where do I start?

Are you dreaming of travelling the world or becoming a digital nomad, working while travelling? This article will help you accomplish your dream to travel.

Let’s make a plan for you to travel the world or to move to another country! Let’s write it down and prepare you for leaving your comfort zone!
It is so much easier to follow a plan when it is written down. This way you can start preparing, discuss it with friends and family and it becomes a part of your life each time you talk about it or re-read it.

It is not a fixed plan until you think: This is it! Now is the time! Until that time you can alter it, make changes and adjust. And even beyond that moment, you learn about yourself and the circumstances and this plan will be fluid around you, adapting to what happens.

But in the core, it is there, the initial plan! So let’s write it down.

It is not a fantasy to follow your dreams to travel the world, so let’s make that dream of yours come true!

Once started you will face the first test. You will realize that travelling the world, long term or short will be a lot of work, but it is fun and so worth the while. Are you up for a challenge to realize your dreams?

Let’s start with three simple steps:

1. Write down a few places you want to go to. No more than 5!
Just imagine yourself being there and doing what you love most. Imagine where you see yourself being happy: Mountains, beach, city, or a place that offers all three?

2. Why do you want to go there? 
What do those places offer you that makes you happy? Why did these places come to mind before all other places?
 Write that down also.

Do not forget to write down the reason why you want to go there? Why do you want to travel? Work remotely? See the world.
What do you hope to gain from it?
For some that might be just to break away from everyday obligations for a while, for others it is to learn a new language and master a new culture. OR simply just because you want to do something different for a change.

3. How are you going to pay for this trip of a lifetime?
Is the place you wrote down expensive or affordable? How much budget do you really have to spend each month? Can you safe money, make money, start selling furniture already?

How much money do you need to realize this dream?

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A change in lifestyle always starts with a dream, but it never ends there

Too many people making are up excuses why they can’t do something, but the truth is: it is just that: excuses.
A person who sets his or her mind to a goal can reach it. No matter how far in the distance it might seem at the start.

In my book: “Create your emigration profile” I help people preparing for moving abroad, long term or short term. Step by step you make a plan, you make an inventory of your current life and put your dream into perspective and into reality. You will learn what you need, what you love, like and dislike, and you will make it happen. You will learn about yourself, the fun part and the legal part of moving to another country or travelling.

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