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Overlooking the hotel zone in La gran Rueda de Cancún

It is hard to miss:  the high Ferris Wheel in La Plaza Isla shopping mall halfway up the hotel zone in Cancún. And you definitely should go in. It is a bit pricy when you are not local, but I think it is worth every peso.

The luxurious cabins with aircon give you a safe feeling while you go up and up overlooking the hotel zone, the Nichupté lake and even the Caribbean Sea behind the enormous hotels.

We got 3 spins and that gave us plenty of time to absorb all the surroundings.

Upon entry one is asked if you know about the cost, for it is costly, as is everything else in Cancún. For 290 pesos per person, you get to enter and ride the Ferris wheel. Your picture is taken upon entering, there is no escaping that, you get a bar code to show at the exit photo booth to view and purchase your photo.

If you are a local you only pay 150 pesos to ride the Rueda de Cancún.

I took some videos from my ride:


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General information


Boulevard Kukulcan km 12.5, La Isla Cancún, Zona Hotelera
Cancún, Quintana Roo

Opening Hours:

Monday till Sunday 2 pm till 11 pm


Entrance fee 290 pesos per person or 15 US$
Local People pay 150 pesos per person
Children under the age of 4 are free

Also available: VIP cabins with leather seats and a glass bottom, they are private cabins, so no other people join your ride.
But when you go on a quiet day, your ride in the general cabins will be private as well.

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