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The Difference between Filipino and Western Men

At first glance, the difference between Filipino and Western men is easy, to sum up. Filipino men are smaller, slender and their dark appearance makes them stand out among the Western men, which are tall with fair skin and they have a robust body. Once undressed you see more body-hair on Caucasian men. But both can have a huge belly. Filipino men don’t grow heavy beards, they shave not as much as Western men do.

As much as Filipino women desire a Caucasian guy, Filipino guys are in doubt whether or not Western women like them. To those that wonder if Western women are interested in Filipino’s, I’d like to say: some are, some aren’t.  I answered a reader’s question on that topic, the article you can find here.

The Filipino Men
Filipino men usually do not desire a strong, independent and insightful woman. Although they feel attracted to our white skin and blond or red hair, the first problems in a relationship may occur when you keep holding on to your own culture and feminist views.


Filipino’s like to keep up appearances that they can’t control their lady. They desire to be the head of the household as well as a strong man in public. It is merely a ‘face’ factor for most Filipino guys are henpecked and the women rule the household and the money.

Filipino men do admire and respect an intelligent lady in their hearts, however, you need to ensure that when you are with your man in public areas, you appear to be the submissive one, the one to ask him and he is the one to decide.

For example: I always give my Filipino boyfriend money upfront, so he is the one to pay the bills. I always ask him what he thinks, likes or feels about certain matters in public and seldom speak my mind about things in public.


Inside the house that is a different matter. I do believe that not only the woman is to adjust. My boyfriend is dating a Western woman, strong, independent and outspoken, and he has to adjust accordingly as I have to adjust to him keeping up appearances. But because of his feelings and the culture, I keep it private. It is all a matter of not losing face, so in public I let him take the lead.

Filipino men, in general, are not very fond of eating Western food. They love rice and they love their own food. My boyfriend introduced me to the world of street-food and eateries and took me away from the resort restaurants with the endless Western-based Filipino food, burgers and pizza.

Filipino’s will seldom speak their minds. Their culture makes them more indecisive on matters. When you are a strong independent woman that can be nerve-wracking. Ask your guy what he wants to order for food he will certainly say: it’s up to you, while his eyes already made the choice.
I never settle for that answer, I want my Filipino man to speak his mind, so I tell him to order and only point out the food I want for myself. We are progressing, sometimes he corrects my order because he believes I ordered too much.

When you get coupled with a Filipino, you are coupled with all of his family as well. And they have to approve of the relationship. My boyfriend needed the approval of both his late in-laws because of his daughter (his wife died just over a year ago) and approval from his own parents, who were much kinder and softer when it came to accepting his new relationship.

Filipino’s are shy in the bedroom, being used to sleeping in houses where everybody sleeps in the same room, or the walls are thinner than air, they are the kind of silent sex between the sheets lovers.


And they do have a smaller penis, not necessarily thinner, but definitely smaller. An inch or so. Not that I checked up on every guy I met in the Philippines, but it is statistically proven and my boyfriend has a slightly smaller penis than my Western boyfriends had. Nothing shocking, I’m a very satisfied woman, but the fact is undeniable.

Filipino guys are way more romantic…… stop! That is not a cultural thing. That is a personality thing.
There are very romantic Filipino’s as there are Western guys and there are maybe just as many that are not.

The Western Men

Caucasian guys are very outspoken and do not ask the approval of their parents about life matters. So, when you date a Western man he is the one to decide that he will marry you, he will not ask his parents.

His mum wants to approve of you nevertheless. By making a good first impression when you are taken to meet the parents, you will certainly easily win them over, for Western parents usually respect their sons’ choices.

Note that I write usually, there are tiger mom’s in the West as well and mommy-boys that live in a sort of co-existence where he will look to her for every decision made in his life and no women will ever be good enough for him in the eyes of that kind of mom.


Western Guys love their food and you must not be surprised if he will never get the taste for real Asian or Filipino food. Some parts of an animal are not eaten in the Western Society while here that part is considered a delicacy.

Western guys always know better. Your strong Filipina’s are in for a lot of arguments. Caucasian guys tend to think they own all wisdom. And they will argue with you endlessly to get it their way.

Western guys usually are very liberal about sex and experimenting in the bed. They are open-minded and progressive when it comes to positions and things done. There will be no shyness. And be prepared to explore new horizons when it comes to sex.
And yes, they do have bigger penisses and yes, they might want to have anal sex occasionally.


Western guys are outspoken and have a no-nonsense attitude, for example, they will not be impressed by the silent treatment. They actually get pretty annoyed by it and will ignore you likewise until ‘you shape up’.They will tell you not to behave like a child.
If they have a problem that involves you they will tell you straight up.

Western guys get drunk more easily than Filipino men do. That has something to do with metabolism, I’m not sure, but I see Filipino men drink and not get drunk while Western guys don’t know up from down after that amount of alcohol.

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