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A Digital Nomad in Playa del Carmen, Mexico during COVID-19

Mexico is still in phase 2 of the COVID-19 outbreak and struggling to stay out of phase 3. All kinds of measurements are implemented, from closed beaches to alcohol prohibition, and teams in the neighborhood to inform the public. How does a digital nomad stand in the midst of all this?


It is killing me that I have to stay home. It is killing my back. The studio I rent hardly gives any place to relax or work in an ergonomic environment. I either sit on the bed (bad for my back) or I sit in a wooden chair (equally bad for my back) My lower back is killing me! So I have decided to break my self-quarantine and walk 10.000 steps every day to stay healthy and keep my muscles flexible.

I walk in areas that are under development and for my own safety I do not walk there alone. My son, who also lives in Playa is keeping me company.

We avoid busy places, keep a ‘sana distancia’ and keep contact with other people to the lowest minimum possible.

How am I doing? Besides the sore back?

The internet still is great, so I can work, I enjoy 5G optic-fiber internet without limitations and that is such a pleasure after the feeble internet in the Philippines. Another joy is that there are no brownouts in this country. Electricity works as it should. No surprises, no fluctuations in electricity that can wreck your equipment, so that is kind of relaxing.

More stressing is constant information. What goes for one state does not automatically go for my state or my city. What they decide in Cancún stays in Cancún and Solidaridad has its own approach within the parameters from the capitol and the state of Quintana Roo.

For the rest, I share my daily doings in the video take a look, and enjoy the walks, the impressions, and the talk about the Mexican government handling the Coronavirus outbreak.


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  • JC from Holland

    ha, that is a coincidence. Yes, I am still in Playa my immigration process finally is finished. Now I can move on. You”ll love the internet here, 5G over fibre, and 4G in the air, great speed and very reliable. Anywhere in a city or urbanisation, the internet is good. Outside it becomes tricky.

  • Israel

    WOW! I recognized the voice before I saw the face! The last I heard of you YOU were in Siquijor. Actually You were leaving to the next place and I was not going to that channel anymore so I lost track. I did a google search about fast internet in Mexico (a place I am headed to next from Dumaguete) and THIS SITE POPS UP! Anyway so nice to see and hear you again, had no idea you were in Mexico. Are you in Playa Del Carman? Take care and good to hear you voice again.

  • Jeanette

    Hi Rudy, I can only tell from experience: My landlord uses Totalplay, no idea what her data bundle is but it is 5G very fast and reliable and seems not to have a data limit for up and downloading.
    She serves around 20 apartments through it and it works great. Fast service also, for if we complain and she says she contacts them, it is solved within the same day.

    I have been here over a year and only had a few slow moments.

    I am near Av. CTM and 30. in Zazil Ha.

  • Rudy

    Hi Jeanette, I’m living in Playa de Carmen over at 50th between 10 y 15. Question, do you know which company has fiber optic or fastest speeds? I’m looking up Izzi, TotalPlay, and Telemex but can’t find which of the three has fiber optic. Or do you have a recommendation?

    Thank you,