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Applying for a temporary resident visa for Mexico

After being in the Philippines for over 3 years, I moved to Mexico. For me, it was important to have a visa upfront and preferably a long-stay
visa, since I was tired of the visa extension procedures I went through in the Philippines every 6 months. What options does Mexico offer for me to stay longer than the 180 days visa upon arrival for Dutch tourists?

No need for an expensive Immigration Lawyer!

You can do this yourself you know! It is easy, as long as you know what to do, where to go and what to bring.

Let me list the difference between a tourist visa upon arrival and a temporary resident visa for you:

Tourist visa upon arrival

  • valid for a maximum of 180 days, to be decided by the immigration officer on duty
  • you need to pay an exit clearance when leaving the country
  • no multiple entries allowed, if you leave the country you have to get a new visa
  • you are not allowed to work
  • you cannot purchase a Mexican drivers license
  • no local bank account allowed
  • you have to have a hotel booking or proof of stay and an outbound ticket
  • you cannot claim tax exemptions in your own country
  • buying land or a house is more complicated
  • price 424 pesos, this price is included in your airline ticket or cruise booking (prices 2019)

Temporary Resident Visa

  • valid for a maximum of 1 year and extended up to 4 years
  • you can apply for a permanent resident visa after those 4 years
  • multiple entries are allowed once you get your temporary resident ID card
  • you can apply for a work visa
  • you can apply for a Mexican Drivers license
  • you do NOT need to pay exit clearance every time you leave the country
  • you do NOT need an outbound ticket upon entry
  • you can open a local bank account
  • you can claim tax exemption in your own country if you pay income taxes in Mexico
  • the process of buying a property is more simple
  • 680 pesos for the local application at the embassy and 4,148 pesos, for the first year at the INM office (prices 2019)

This made a lot of sense to me and fitted my plans in Mexico perfectly, after all, I travel the world to find the right place to relocate permanently. And since the Philippines turned out not to be that place, maybe Mexico is.

How to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa for Mexico

Depending on the country you are from this section may vary in procedures, but all visa applications require:

  1. applying for a visa by sending in a visa application form and necessary paperwork
  2. a consular interview at the Embassy

All visa applications must be done outside Mexico. You cannot apply for this visa while you are in Mexico. The easiest way is to apply in the country you hold a passport from. But you can apply at any Mexican Embassy anywhere in the world. If you apply outside your home country all paperwork needs to be notarized and probably translated into Spanish.




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