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Digital Nomads are always on the beach

One of the many prejudices I encounter in my nomad life is that we guys (and girls) are always on the beach or on some mountaintop doing some awesome stuff. After all, we only have to work 4 hours a day or so, right?

I have written many articles about this, and I think I am one of the more realistic nomads who roam around the planet, working, traveling, and earning money online. I do not do awesome stuff all day and I do not work from a beach.

I love my laptop too much to work in sandy areas, for fine coral sands stick to anything and it only takes one beach volleyball or a breeze to ruin my keypad, let alone the sunlight preventing me from seeing what’s going on on my screen. Nonetheless, I do work from locations around the world and sometimes I am so close to a beach that it is like I am working on that beach.

And the awesome stuff? Well, I have a budget, so I cannot do that all the time, and what is awesome stuff for one, is boring to another person so that all depends. I am not a thrill-seeking nomad that works with clickbait titles to attract attention. And with me many others. The best nomads work quietly, have a good workload, and live a content life. No need for all that attention and awesomeness. For we do this for ourselves and not to please an audience.

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Digital Nomads that scream the loudest on social media about the dream life are most of the time the fakest among nomads

No joking. I have seen people starting a YouTube Channel, and disappearing in a year, not being able to handle the pressure this lifestyle can bring, and not being able to keep up with income and demand from their newly created audience. For a fact I know some dream couples that you may have followed now living in their parent’s basement, commuting to a corporate job every day.

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So how about some realism about the digital nomad lifestyle?

  • Get rich fast
  • work from anywhere
  • live the dream life
  • the 4 hours work week

I have a say about all that……..get rich fast is nonsense, it takes time to build a business and it takes time to create a solid portfolio unless you have a lucky hit and win the jackpot.

Work from anywhere? If the internet allows you to, yes, and when you can find work online, which has become harder and harder with all the low-income countries swamping freelance job websites.

Live the dream life, sure, if you can manage financially it can be an awesome lifestyle, and if you can handle the constant travel, culture shocks, and setbacks, that happen also in a digital nomad life.
It can be an amazing lifestyle, but it is not for everyone. And trust me: backpacking for a year with a laptop posting IG photos does not make you a digital nomad.

The 4-hour workweek…….yeah right……maybe for a few happy early adaptors. Those who have a solid income, but for us, working nomads, it is more like four hours per day minimum to make it in low cost of living countries.

Believe me, there is no chick with golden eggs left, all you do is turn things around and change your way of thinking:

    • no more corporate life (although many nomads work for corporations or set up their own “tribe” to share work)
    • no more living to work in order to build a life, but rather living to enjoy life and not care about personal stuff and possessions anymore
    • no more rat race, unless you have to catch a plane and run late, or have to meet a deadline for a client

But you still have to follow the rules and abide by the immigration and sometimes even tax laws, and you still have to do your laundry, get sick and pay bills.

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It is just a lifestyle, nothing more, nothing less

Don’t get me wrong, it is an awesome lifestyle, but it takes a little more than a laptop and a backpack to survive.

I put my week in a 17 minutes video, with never before shown footage, of how I work, and how I do the awesome stuff, what I do for a living and how I spent my time on the road.


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