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Best time to visit La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

After I left Cancun in 2021 and drove around Mexico on my motorbike, I ended up in the area of La Paz, Baja California Sur. And I was surprised by the cold weather. I had little clothes to get me through winter and it was a long time ago I experienced such cold. 

Now a few months into the new year it is heating up rapidly. Daylight Saving Time helps a bit also, getting up a little later when the first cold of the dew point is gone. But I started wondering how the climate is here in Baja California Sur.

And do not be mistaken it can vary from place to place due to the long stretches of desert and mountain ranges between areas. So, the weather in la Paz is not nearly the same as the weather in Los Cabos. And same goes for Loreto.

What we all have in common in these areas are the cold nights and the little rain. 

Temperatures between daytime and nighttime may vary around 20 degrees. And some days, especially in early spring the wind can be cold.

Spring in La Paz starts in March and lasts through May.

Spring definitely is my favorite time of year, although it is a very busy time. But temperature-wise, I love Spring in Baja California Sur.

Temperatures easily go up to 100°F (38°C) when Spring progresses. There is no rain, And with Spring Break and Easter, this is the busiest time of the year. During Semana Santa, Mexicans and Americans will camp out on the beach for the entire weekend and you’ll find the cities nearly empty.

Whale season is at its peak. You can see them play from the coast, and it is pretty spectacular.

Summer in Baja California Sur starts in June and roughly ends in August.

Summer for me is siesta time. I start my days early to catch the early morning coolness. Temperatures even get higher now, the chilly wind is gone, seawater is warming up and it can be extremely hot.

Even at the night, it will not cool down, although the temperature still drops around 15-20 degrees. But because the days are hotter, so are the nights. Perfect time to honor a siesta during midday and start your days a little earlier when it is still cool.

At the end of summer rains may start, but don’t get all excited about the idea of all the desert dust settling down, it will be very little and very locally, mostly in the higher mountains.

Fall is from September until the end of October

Temperatures range from 98°F (36°C) and 82°F (28°C), which will feel very nice given the humidity and the breeze. Rainy periods will add up to a total of 4 days a month, and showers can be severe. Muddy streets and flash floods will happen during a shower.

Tourism is fairly slow during these months because nobody wants rain during their holiday. But still, there is plenty of sunshine and the flash floods will disappear fast on the dry grounds.

I have not experienced Fall in Baja California Sur yet. But I am curious, due to the enormous empty rivers I see, the small oases and the water outlets towards the sea. I can imagine huge floods……but people tell me that that is no longer happening.

Still, it must be spectacular when the sky bursts open and the ground for the first time in months gets soaked. And it will be extremely muddy I picture.

I remember arriving in the La Paz area at the end of October 2021, and I loved the temperature. Little did I know about the wintertime to come! 

Winter (December through February)

Many USA tourists love these months and consider them the best months to visit Los Cabos and La Paz.  I do not. Because for me they are so cold. I need an extra blanket and lots of hot chocolate to get me through these months. At night temperatures will drop to 50ºF (10ºC). And the houses simply are nog built to keep you warm and comfortable during those cold nights.

During the day the temperatures do not get up any higher than 80ºF (27ºC) on average, but mostly it feels colder because of the winds. The seawater is icy. That is why the whales love to stay here.

The happy news is that it rains less, on average no more than 1 day divided over the whole period. So plenty of sunshine to brighten up your winter day. When you travel along the coast you will see many campervans and mobile homes from Canadian and USA tourists visiting the many bays and beaches where you can camp and get that “Robinson Crusoe feel” of a lonely beach and endless sea.

Be sure to bring a sweater or a jacket.

What will be your favorite time of year in Baja California Sur? And how did you experience the temperatures during your stay? 


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