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Facebook Dating in Mexico, my experience

Facebook has been rolling out Facebook Dating slowly over the world. And living in Mexico I found it recently added to my app. And since I am single I thought I’d give it a try.
I will review the App and the men I found, so Mexican guys, brace yourself, I am going to write about you.

Facebook Dating in the Facebook App

  • The interface is only available in the phone app, not on the i-pad or desktop. That makes it a bit user-unfriendly for me. I’m glued to my phone already as it is and now, while using the app, even more.
  • The interface is very limited, like Tinder you can like or dislike (dislike = No, thank you) and you can chat. Once you dislike a person you have to search the app for finding that disliked person again if you change your mind. Like me, I got so used on clicking ‘No thank you” I missed out on a cute guy that I wanted to connect with, or at least try to connect with.

Facebook says the disliked person will not be shown to you again, it does show that person again after a few days, same guy, same profile

  • The chat is so limited that is is almost stupid. You cannot copy text, so for dual lingual dating, it makes it hard to copy paste quickly to Google translate.
    You cannot send photos either, or links.
    I can understand the photos for Facebook wants to prevent dick pics from flying around, but, Hey Facebook wake up: dick pics are flying around as it is already for there is no censorship to the profile pictures.
  • The profile pictures are not monitored I can go on dates with drinks varying from Tropical cocktails to cans of beer, boats, cars and motorbikes, tweety, Batman, teddy bears and dicks.
  • You run out of men quickly……..yeah I know, shameful to admit I clicked on “No Thanks” so often, but since I do not want to date a dog, or a chicken or a motorcycle, I dislike a lot of profiles and so I ran out of men within a week. Unless I wanted to date Mark Zuckerberg, his photo is used a lot.

The men available:

  • Or should I say: unavailable? For many are married and although some hide that from you, many men even post pictures of them and their lady. Then? What are you doing on a dating site? Looking for a threesome? or a housemaid? The ones that are there in secret get revealed soon enough, for I guess the Mexican woman is not stupid. I was chatting with a cute police officer that assured me he was single when suddenly I got a message written by his wife, Why I was chatting with her husband? Well, I replied, why does your husband approach me on a dating site. Block, delete. Why do married men get on dating sites?
  • most of the men do not even bother to take this seriously, profile pictures are missing and no information is given, standard the app shows name, age and location, most men leave the photo of a can of beer with that standard information. How on earth does one expect serious contact from this behaviour?
  • When you do get some progress and you like each other, the conversation is shallow and moved to WhatsApp in a sec. To either not ever follow up, or to smoothen you over with fancy words like mi paloma, eres la luz de mi vida and sweet talk like that, but the conversation goes nowhere.
  • They are master ghosters, Ghosting is like: having a 24/7 conversation showing serious interest and then disappearing. Even setting the first date and then grow completely silent and ignoring a “are you okay” message, so leading women on is a common thing here in Mexico?

I think Mexican guys using FB dating do not understand what dating means. To me, it means you want to set up a meeting with a person you think might be a good match for an intimate friendship or romantic involvement and maybe even more.

I guess they all are pretty bored and looking for entertainment for as long as they see fit or as long as their wives do not find out

So far my experiences are not too good.

  • I have met men trying to impress me with mafia stories and dead bodies in hotel rooms (block)
  • young men impressing me with sex talk (block)
  • teenagers wanting to marry me (block)

Most conversations are about the weather, my job, life and health and that is about it. There seems to be no one reading my text, nor remember previous conversations we had, if we did. I had one guy asking me three times where I lived….. I mean seriously???


Dating through an app in Mexico is like dating anywhere else in the world. And yes, there might be a cultural difference in approach, but in the end, men are men, all over the world. Same tricks, same talk, same attitude.

And it is in Mexico just as hard to find a prince charming that is single and willing to get to know you then it is anywhere else on the globe.

As for the app?

Facebook dating still has a long way to go before it becomes a professional dating app, to start with face recognition and screening profile pictures.

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