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Going to Downtown Cancún from the hotel zone got a lot easier

Recently 160 more busses from SEA have started to take tourists and workers from the hotel zone in Cancún to downtown and vice versa. They are a different type of bus, more environmentally friendly and new, bright red, easy to find busses.

They drive the R1 route and pass the major tourist destinations in downtown Cancún. The price is the same as any other bus coming from the hotel zone going into Cancún, 12 pesos per person for the ride.

When I took one the other day I had a bus driver that was fluently in English, and I was hopeful that this was an extra service added to the tourist comfort zone the city of Cancún is trying to create, but I was mistaken, on the way back, the driver did not speak one word.

Anyway, the one big difference is that you do have to ask if this bus is going to your destination in Cancun since they do not have all destination chalked on the front window as the older city busses do, but being in Downtown Cancun, you can trust, (if you are on the right side of the road) that they are going to the hotel zone sooner or later.

They all drive the R1 route, that means they pass the major tourist destinations in Cancún like the ADO bus station.


I am not sure if the crowded traffic in Cancun is ready for another 160 busses on top of the 250 busses driving in the city, but at least it takes the pressure off for most workers, that were struggling getting home after work. Having lived in Cancun for a few months like no other, I know how hard it was to get a bus downtown from the hotel zone and it must be dreadful to wait a long time and get on a crowded bus having to hold on to the railing when you are tired after a long shift.

Being so used to the older white busses I was a bit confused about the new SEA busses, the sign upfront does not really make clear where they go, whom they are for and if I could hop on. But the R1 route number made it clear it was a bus driving to and from the hotel zone.

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There is no bus schedule, you just go to a bus station, (a blue sign with a white bus on it) and wait for one to pass by. Int he hotel zone that is always an R1 or R2 route bus. R2 is mostly covering the downtown area leftish of the hotel zone, and the R1 covers mostly the right side. But don’t cut off my head when it turns out to be a different route. Most of the pass Wallmart, Plaza Americas, ADO bus station and Mercado 28.

Just check the windshield for destinations and when it is a SEA bus, ask the driver, but for sure R1 passes the ADO bus station

When you are in downtown Cancún ready to head back to your hotel, make sure you ONLY take a bus that says “Hotelles” in the front, usually that is a big red sign. Make sure you are on the right side of the road, otherwise you have to pay twice the fare since bus fares are for 1 ride in 1 direction only.

And you always take an R1 or R2 bus back to your hotel or the red SEA bus (which is R1)



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