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How to get an RFC number in Mexico

The Mexican Tax Authority is called Servicio de Administración Tributaria, also known as SAT. An RFC number is a Mexican Tax number, for both individuals and companies. You do not only need an RFC number for taxes. In this article, I explain how to get one and why you need one. The RFC number has become a much-needed personal identification number for several services. For example, you need an RFC number to register at the CFE to name one. But in many States, you also need one to make an appointment with the government to do your tramites. So as a resident, you will have your NUE, your Curp and you need an RFC number. (read also: How to get a CURP number in Mexico) To obtain an RFC number until short was an online process. But the website of SAT notifies applicants you have to visit an office in order to apply for an RFC number.

Do you have to stand in that endless line at SAT?

Your RFC is build-up, just like your Curp number, initials, date of birth, and some random code explaining which SAT department. When you only need your RFC to make appointments or to register at f.e. CFE, you can obtain an RFC number on this website. (click to open in a new tab)

Obtaining your RFC number this way will NOT open a special personal dashboard for your tax applications, it will only provide you with an RFC number that is not assigned to an SAT office. In order to use your RFC number for tax application, you need to go to the SAT office so they can provide you with a QR code and E-signature. You can use this automatically generated number when an institute asks for an RFC number.

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