Let me show you the colours of Mexico
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Let me show you the Colours of Mexico

Mexico is colourful, that goes without saying. The land of taco’s and burritos has rich folklore when it comes to colours. The Mayans created a turquoise paint that still remains to be seen in artefacts and seems to last for centuries. And when the Caribbean Sea is at its best and the Sargassum is not overwhelming the shades of turquoise are amazing.

It was a long time since I had seen those colours, and although the waters in the Philippines are not so intense as they are here, it does remind me of my time there. Especially after the grey winter month in Europe.

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The Colours of Mexico

Let me share some of the amazing colours here in Mexico, in the souvenirs, the artwork and daily life. It is amazing to see the murals, the pottery, the clothes, the birds, the forest and the artwork. But even as simple as the colourfull garlands in Malls and streets against the ever so blue sky.

Mexico is Eyecandy and I can’t wait to explore the villages and the real Mexico far away from the tourist areas.



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