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Venice in Winter, it is sereen, quiet and beautiful

I do not have a bucket list, but to be honest, if I would have one: Venice would be on it. All my life I dreamed of visiting Venice. And this year it finally fitted my travel schedule to go there. One downside: it was winter and it was so cold. After staying in the tropical climate of the Philippines for so long, the European winter was terrible, and it was the coldest in many years. There was even a touch of snow in Venice on my second day there.

But nevertheless I loved every step I walked, and I walked a lot. From my Airbnb apartment which was in Mestre, I took the bus to Venice, which is about 14 minutes direct bus ride. And from Venice bus station your walk through the ancient streets starts.

My host advised me to ditch the map and get lost, for this way I would find the best places to eat, the most unexpected views and see the real Venice instead of the Instagram hotspots.

And so I did. And if you follow my footsteps and do the same, you do not miss out on those hot spots, you pass them linger for a while and move on into that little street eat the end or that low alley on the left and you find places not many tourists come.

I must say, I did not film one of the most spectacular moments in Venice when an Ambulance vessel rushed through the canals at night, followed by a police boat. The lights and sirens between the houses and in the dark were eerie and the waves they made were impressive. Also, the speed with which they moved. The poor gondola if they pass one, and poor tourists in that gondola, they will be soaked.

But I deed witness the launch of a new gondola, not something you see every day.

And my first day, the sky cleared and I had a gorgeous view of Venice across the Canal Grande.

I loved Venice, even though the weather was not so great, the colours in the city are vibrant anyway. And the best part about visiting in wintertime was that it was almost serene. Especially away from the (even in winter) crowds. I walked San Marco Square, crossed all the famous bridges, walked little shopping streets had Venice pastry and even ice cream despite the cold.

I went live from inside the Basilica di San Marco

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Venice, travel, impressions, masks, culture, wintertime, review Venice, travel, impressions, masks, culture, wintertime, review

Venice, travel, impressions, masks, culture, wintertime, review

Venice, travel, impressions, masks, culture, wintertime, review

Venice, travel, impressions, masks, culture, wintertime, review