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Riding a Motorcycle in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Today I take you on a ride. To Los Barilles. And although the video is in Dutch, there is an English translation.  I made this video to show some of my followers how it is to ride in a dry hot landscape surrounded by cacti and vultures. 

For Dutch people, who live in a small and overcrowded country it is hard to understand how it is to drive for 300KM or more without seeing a living soul or a gas station. When you ride 300KM in the Netherlands you are either at the border or the coast. And you’ve come through lots of cities, and villages and passed plenty of gas stations. I learned about fuel anxiety here in Mexico. And I’m happy that now I know the range of my BMW G310GS.

I talk about that, and show you Los Barriles and beyond in this video. 

We depart from La Paz, I live nearby La Paz in a small sleepy village near La Paz, but my route to the south and the mountains always go through La Paz.



The Dutch government in her extreme wisdom has cut State pensions in half for those living in Mexico.
And that is before taxes. So not much pension left for me I’m afraid.

I am saving up, asking people to help me by donating a little for all the information on my websites and YouTube Channel.

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