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Grocery shopping at Chedraui La Paz, BCS, Mexico

Every few days we ride to La Paz, the nearby city, to get our groceries. Since I do not cook for my son anymore and he runs his own household we often need a lot. The side cases and bags on the motor come in handy for this.

We buy bread for that we keep in the freezer, yogurt, cheese, veggies, and mostly juice since those are the most expensive things or unavailable in the village supermarket and abarrotes.

It is always a bit time-consuming. Since we do not trust every special offer, sometimes it is fake, you pay more peso per product in the offer than the original price per product is. But also prices that are listed do not match. So we check and double-check, otherwise, you lose easily 20 or more pesos at the register.

But also we can hardly ever find the same product twice. Like our margarine. We found this amazing tasting affordable margarine, no chemical fake taste, but real butter, and next week the coolers are packed with that horrible chantilly spread and our brand simply is no longer available.

Same with meat, some days there is no beef. Simply a matter of lack of cows to kill I guess. Mexico does not overproduce on a lot of products, which I think is a good thing, but it is also very frustrating at times.

Today I thought, let’s bring the GoPro, clip it on the baby seat, and film our grocery shopping at one of the Chedraui stores. I will not bore you with 3 hours of shopping, I have speeded it up. This short video will give you a good impression of a medium-sized supermarket in Mexico. (Read also: Supermarkets in Mexico are amazing where we go grocery shopping in Cancun)

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