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Single again and the final destination set

Just an update on my daily life. A lot is happening and I have been so busy lately. So I mainly worked on programming the blog, preparing for the road trip, and healing from heartbreak once again. 

Let’s do it step by step. I live in this amazing Airbnb at the moment, but with every new guest arriving my living conditions change. The worst are the Americans, they are loud, they act like they own the place and they live like they are the only ones that matter. They are on the phone most of the day, roll in way too many suitcases, and like to party. I am less and less a fan of Airbnb’s or Americans. I have not met one that is not loud and present to such an extent it is tolerable.

Maybe I am over-sensitive, but having your phone on speaker call all day, telling all your friends all day how awesome it is to be on a solo journey, is just something I do not get. First of all, they never seem to end a phone call, they literally call all day, sit at the open window shouting, and do not go anywhere, so how is this a solo trip?? And why bother all your surroundings with your presence?

At the moment two guys moved in, one is talking so loud I can hear him all day, and they wheeled in like 5suitcases between the 2 of them. My landlord tells me they stay 1 week…..a week?? What the hell? Why 5 suitcases?

Somehow it is funny, but mostly I find it annoying.

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Heartbroken, and yet I was the one that ended the relationship

I broke up with my Mexican boyfriend. That was the second relationship that didn’t work out for me.

And I have decided that I leave the Mexicans to date each other and pick up the pieces of my tryouts. I adapt to being single again, do some self-reflection, and find my learning curve. Maybe I need to adjust more to the culture, I have no clue. But a man is not going to tell me how I should dress, behave and be as a person, certainly not when he seems to disregard all of my simple wishes like a proper date or some satisfaction and creativity in bed or a helping hand in the kitchen once and a while.

It was a painful breakup and I had to break all contact for there was no respect whatsoever, only anger and rudeness. I really liked the guy, but I guess he was not the person he presented to me and his true identity kept seeping through more and more. And I became convinced we would never match no matter how much I adjusted to his wishes. At some point, I could no longer ignore the red flags. Unlike his predecessor, there was no betrayal, just disrespect. And I guess that is part of the generation and culture I am dating at the moment. Men here are king and master of the house.

I think he still has no idea after almost 4 months of dating, of who I am and how I earn my money, he never showed much interest, it was mostly about him.

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Being single gives me a huge amount of freedom again and I almost forgot how that felt

I would lie if I said it doesn’t feel lonely sometimes. But the bombardments of text I would get when I did not respond to messages asap, is crazy. And now I can ride for hours without anyone claiming my time. Like the trip to Punta Allen where there is no cell phone reach. To arrive back in the connected world I do not have my phone blown up anymore by a frantic lover.

So much better! It makes me enjoy things again to the fullest. Punta Allen for example, the second visit was awesome.


We have the final destination of our road trip set

The theme for our epic motorcycle adventure will be “from Pueblo to Pueblo” riding roads not many tourists go. And we will be heading for La Paz in Baja California Sur.
There we will stay some time to do the final stages of our resident permit and renew things like driver’s license, motorcycle registration, and stuff like that. And plan a new ride.

It is a ride (if you draw a straight line) of roughly 3200 km all the way across Mexico, from one coastline to another. And we will do a lot more kilometers than that because we do not ride the toll roads and highways. We try to avoid them as much as possible, getting that taste of the real Mexico after having lived over 2 years in the tourist areas of Cancun and Playa del Carmen where they create a dream world for visitors. We are ready for the real Mexican experience.

So, La Paz it is, I can’t wait.

We will keep you guys updated through YouTube and Twitter (@CoconutFLoating)

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I will be 6 years on the road this year

This journey that started in 2015 has been life-changing. And I get to know myself better every day. I do things I never dreamt of doing, well maybe I dreamt, but now I have realized those dreams, isn’t that amazing? When you do get to do what you love most in life?

I am not the same person who left the Netherlands, nor am I the same person that traveled through the Philippines. And returning to Europe for a brief moment to get a visa for Mexico was proof of that. Although I enjoyed Italy and sightseeing and even the ‘bitterballen’ in the Netherlands (a deep-fried meat snack eaten as finger food), I did not feel at home in the regulated society of Europe anymore.

Bus also my behavior on social media has changed and social media has changed me. Although I work online, I do not enjoy social media as much anymore. Like the rest of the world, it has become selfish and judgemental, and people feel free to jump at you in the relative anonymity of the internet.


But all that comes together in me being a better person, a person that knows where she is heading and that can help her clients much better than she ever could before. So I am happy with the end result, as am I with the destination for the motorcycle road trip.