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Top five affordable beach loactions

Who does not dream of a lovely cottage on the beach that is so affordable you can live like a King? With fabulous food at your fingertips, local drinks for pennies, and the sea to wash away your worries? Maybe even a palm tree or two?

As a travel/lifestyle/immigration blogger looking for an affordable destination for 2023, I thought: let’s start with beaches this year.
So here are, selected for you based on

  • popularity
  • available services
  • cost of living
  • sun hours
  • clean ocean and beaches
  • accessibility of public beaches
  • affordability

five top destinations where you can actually live on the beach or so nearby that it will make your heart sing.

  1. Da Nang, Vietnam, 450US$ per month A gem of golden sand, turquoise sea, and luscious green. And the best part of it: The city is just around the corner, so you also can enjoy city life if you like.
  2. Thessaloniki, Greece, 700US$ per month Actually this is a port and not a beach location, but from this port small boats can bring you to the most reclusive and exclusive beaches and bays in the world.
  3. Phuket, Thailand 550 US$ per month, it does not have the best reputation, but still very popular as a beach destination. But absolutely not for a vacation with young children. But the beaches in combination with the exclusive resorts and the local experience make this a unique spot to work on your tan.
  4. Playa del Carmen, Mexico 500 US$ per month, with its buzzing Quinta Avenida next to the beach, Playa del Carmen is one of the top spots in the Riviera Maya that is still affordable. And with the many local eateries around Avenida 30, you can make this as expensive or cheap as you want. (read also: Living in Mexico on a budget)
  5. Canggu, Indonesië 600 US$ per month, and we cannot miss the most popular beach location of all: Bali. Although becoming increasingly more expensive in the last year, it still offers spots where life is affordable in combination with what it offers: beach living and sunsets to die for.

Please note that prices stated in this article are average, and only based on the cost of living for 1-2 persons. so this means that your rent, visa, and travel costs are not included.

In many of these locations, you can rent a place per month for around 300US$ all-in.

Source: numbeo