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Travel Photos: The best Quiet Beaches in the Philippines

With growing tourism in the Philippines, it becomes harder and harder to find those unspoiled beaches or your private beach moments. Most beaches are so crowded that every selfie you take or every photo includes strangers or belongings of strangers. 

But with a keen eye and moving away from the beaten path, you may be able to find some beach gems, not too far from your travel destination. And I do not mean Palawan, although stunning, way too busy for my liking. You literally wait in your bank before you can spend a few minutes on a beach because there is a cue. Insane, and with the Philippines being so large and beautiful, there are better places to go when you are looking for tranquility.

I have selected 9 beaches that are within easy reach of Manila airport of Cebu airport and on the following islands:

  • Mindoro
  • Siquijor
  • Boracay
  • Guimaras
  • Negros (both Oriental and Occidental)
  • Bohol
  • Bantayan

I hope you enjoy the views!


When you click on a photo it will enlarge in a popup, make sure you allow popups on your screen.

Do you want to see these beaches in videos?

On the Leaving Holland Channel, I have all the best beaches of the Philippines categorized in one playlist. But you can see even more beaches when you view playlists per island or per city.

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