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A visit to a doctor in Mexico

There are several reasons why you need to see a doctor in Mexico. Besides being sick I mean.

You might need a doctor for

  • an annual checkup
  • because you feel unwell
  • need a “valoracíon preoperatoria”, (a preoperative validation)
  • or you had some lab work or an electrocardiogram made and need a doctor’s opinion about it
  • or you need medication for which you need a prescription

The easiest way, for example for a quick check or a prescription, having stitches removed or blood work analyzed can simply be done by visiting a doctor that has a practice inside or next to a pharmacy. This could even be in your nearest Wal-Mart supermarket.

Instead of risking buying over-the-counter drugs in the tourist areas which have a reputation of possibly being fake and are highly overpriced, a prescription can help you get the right medication. In my experience these doctors do not ask too many questions, they will give you a prescription for an average of 30-50 pesos per visit, per person. 

These doctors are also great for changing bandages, removing stitches, and checking your blood sugar. They do not, for example, do lab tests and electrocardiograms, nor can they provide you with a “valoracion preoperatoria”. That validation should come from a doctor who has studied internal medicine, medicina interna.

find a doctor in mexico

How to find such a qualified doctor and what will that cost?

There is an amazing website that lists most doctors of medicine in Mexico. You will find that address at the bottom of this article. Me, grasping at straws and in need of a “valoracion preoperatoria” in little under a week, walked into a Pharmacy to ask for help. For it was hard to find a doctor outside an expensive private hospital. The lady in the Pharmacy showed me the website.

You can either contact the doctor through the website or search for them by name on Google Maps and/or Facebook. The doctor I used answered his email, which is extraordinary in Mexico. Most appointments are made through Whatsapp or direct phone calls with the doctor himself. Email is rarely answered by anyone.

Before you make an appointment make sure you know the price. Prices may differ. Foreigners often pay a different rate than local people. If you have a resident permit you often will pay the local tariff.

Prices may vary from 600 pesos to 1500 pesos for a first visit. 

Depending on the specialism of the doctor the prices may vary a lot. I spoke to a doctor that asked for 600 peso, but he was fully booked. I found one that charged 1200 pesos for the preoperation check-up and I finally made an appointment with a doctor that charges 80 US$ to foreigners, but residents and local people pay 1000 pesos.

This does not include lab work, which is done outside the doctor’s office. If you need lab work done, you can go to any laboratory in the city and do it upfront, bringing the results with you when you see the specialist.

price doctor mexico

The “Valoracíon Preoperatoria”

Most doctors have a price range for different appointments. As a first visit would be cheaper than a follow-up or the “valoracion preoperatoria”.

My total bill for the check-up and written permission from the specialist for my operation was 1,620 Mexican pesos.

The lab work, full blood spectrum plus blood type, and electrocardiogram cost me 620 pesos, plus 1,000 pesos for the Internist.

The labwork took 1.5 days for the results and I had to come in on an empty belly.

The specialist gave me a full examination and after analyzing the lab results he gave me a written and signed letter with test results and recommendation for the specialist performing my surgery and the anaesthesiologist. For me some recommendations for the future. Overall he declared me very healthy which was a relief. He only suggested losing some weight.

Go to the website to find a doctor of any specialism near you 


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