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How to get from Bacolod City to Iloilo City with a motorcycle

In Bacolod City, the RoRo departs from Banago Wharf. A port area in the north of the city, close to the North bus terminal from Ceres bus company.

Be aware that before you can take a motorcycle of an island you need to have accomplished your motorcycle registration and a letter of acknowledgement from the LTO office should be in your possession. You need that letter to proof the motorcycle is yours.

Papers needed for transporting a motorcycle on a RoRo:

  • drivers license and/or passport or ACRi Card
  • original motorcycle registration papers, approved by LTO
  • boat tickets
  • coast guard clearance
  • port authorities ticket

In that order.The whole set of paperwork needs to be shown at all offices and ticket boots including the person in charge of loading vehicles at the ferry.
You may present a photocopy of your motorbike registration, but the originals should be kept at hand, just in case their is a more detailed check.

prices, ferry, motorcycle, Philippines, FastCat, Bacolod, Iloilo

Prices traveling with FastCat Ferry from Banago Wharf:

  • 400 php  ticket for the motorcycle (6,61 Euro)
  • 250 php ticket per person (4,13 Euro)
  • 65 php port authorities for terminal fee (1,07 Euro)

Make sure that, different from other ports, in Bacolod you go to the coast guard first. They are located outside the port area, this saves you a long trip back and forth over Banago Wharf road.

Most coast guard offices want to see ferry tickets etc. but in Bacolod, there is an exception, you can visit the coast guard first for your clearance than proceed to the ticket booth of FastCat.

At the ticket booth, inside the port area, you show your motor papers, ID, Coast Guard clearance and you can purchase a ticket for both motorbike and yourself.
Next step is Port Authorities to pay for the terminal fee. They are located in the main building (port terminal)

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After that you wait for the cargo crew to instruct you about boarding

They want to check the paperwork, write down your license plate number and point out the place where to park the motorbike on the car deck.

FastCat will take responsibility from there, tie the bike to the deck and make sure it is safe during the crossing.

  • It will take about an hour and a half to cross to Iloilo.
  • The ferry offers three classes for passenger: Business, Economy and the upper deck, which is no aircon and outside.
  • There is a small food corner and you will find the staff very welcoming, friendly and helpful.
  • Halfway the journey you will have a nice view of Guimaras Island and the Siete Pecados Islands, a little group of rocky islands in the Guimaras Strait, one with a lighthouse on it.
  • Ferry schedules and the trip from Iloilo to Bacolod with Fastcat you can find on this article.

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