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Renting a house in La Paz, Mexico

Suddenly I realize I am nearly at the end of my long motorcycle journey through Mexico. I left the beautiful house I rented in Cancun and set off on a journey to La Paz, Baja California Sur, over the libre, 9000km right through the heart of Mexico.

Where will I live, can I find an affordable place to rent in a location that I like?
Time to start my search. And I start where I always start when looking for a house: Online.

It takes a while for the houses I see seem pretty expensive for my budget

I have a wishlist, which is flexible, except for 2 items: I need a quiet place and reliable and fast internet.

The other points on that wishlist, in random order of importance:

  • not too big for I hate cleaning the house, so a studio is fine
  • bright and light with lots of windows that can be opened
  • spacious
  • good kitchen
  • private parking space for the motorcycle
  • hot water in the shower and good water pressure
  • outside space for relaxing

are pretty flexible and depending on how much I like the house, the rent offered, and the location.

In the Philippines, I rented houses that were close to the sea, in Mexico that is not affordable for me

I remember my first house on Siquijor Island, right on a white-sand beach, blue sea in front of me, a nice porch to sit on, but no hot shower. But the location of that quiet white sandy beach made up for that.

And the cliff house I rented had the most horrible access road, daily brownouts, no signal for telephone, and only rainwater supply, but gosh, waking up every day with that stunning view over the Bohol Sea made up for all that inconvenience. (Watch the video: Welcome to the Cliff House)

I know that those places are no longer within my financial reach unless I geet donated like a million or something, fat chance!

After some searching, I found the right place for me to rent in La Paz

I found my current house on Airbnb, behind the scenes I could make a good deal with the owner. So the house which was a little overpriced for me became within budget.

I rent this studio apartment all-in, I live in a small village just 15 minutes away from the city center of La Paz. Only dirt roads here, a small supermarket for the just in case shoppings, and a few large supermarkets like Walmart 10 minutes away. A few restaurants are available within walking distance.

A little SIX store on the corner.

And it’s quiet!

And I am happy.


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