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How to get from Puebla to Cholula Mexico for free

I took a day trip from Puebla to the famous Cholula to see the cathedral build on a pyramid with the volcano Popocatétepl in the background. And I did not know you could get there for free. 

First my photos, I selected the best 9 photos of that day for you to get an impression of the city and the tourist hotspots.


Now how do you get there from Puebla?

In Puebla next to the Train Museum, there is a terminal from which a free tourist train leaves twice a day and that train will drive you right to the foot of the pyramid with the Santuario on it.

They invite you to be there half an hour before departure, but just make sure you are on time before the train leaves.

From Cholula, it brings you right back into the city center.

It is a direct line, with no stops in between yet, although it is built for commuters in the future with more stops.

The best thing is that it is absolutely free!

Departure times and rules and regulations you can find on the train website (Go to Tren Turistico Puebla Cholula)

The train offers luggage space, and you can also bring a bicycle.

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I pass through villages where seldom tourists come, if ever! Follow my Motorcycle trip through Mexico here on the website or on YouTube  (Go to Leaving Holland Channel)


Jeanette, a Dutch female nomad, started to travel the world at the age of 17. Walker of beaches, shell searcher and iPhone photographer. Writer and owner of two websites Currently, she lives in Mexico. She is an emigration coach and works online.

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