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I moved house and got my Motorbike!!

Moving to Mexico has been a big challenge when it comes to patience. When I left the Philippines I had no idea I would be on a motorbike for 2 years. Two years ago I roamed the streets of Rome, Milano, Venice, and Pisa with a plan growing that I wanted to re-visit South America or Central America. And ride a motorcycle across.

The endless bureaucracy of the State of Quintana Roo in Mexico has been a hold-up. Frustration grew as I was faced with a lockdown due to COVID. With a very organized regime in vaccination, I hope Mexico will be free soon. In a few week’s time, they have vaccinated all health staff and first responders and start vaccination, my age group. The elderly, since I am 60 now, I can count myself in that batch. Not that I will get the vaccine, it is for Mexican-born people only. All others have to wait and probably pay for it.

But I guess when the most vulnerable got their shots the country will lift restrictions and life can go back pretty much to normal. And that is when my adventure will start. Finally. (read: Motorcycle road trips in foreign countries)

In order to buy a motorcycle, I had to move to Cancun, for the dealer was there and I needed a house with a parking space. To park an expensive motorcycle like mine on a public road is asking for trouble. I might as well leave the keys in it, so to speak.

So I moved to Cancun, and things went fast. Did I plan on buying the renewed Bajaj Dominar 400, I ended up with a BMW G 310GS, a dual-sport bike that is much different in behavior from the Dominar. Reasons? The Dominar was not in stock, it would take another two to three months to order, and I was not sure about the motor’s off-road capacity.

Now, with my first dirt road behind me, I am glad I choose the BMW instead. I am so much more comfortable in a dual sport bike when facing a road filled with rocks and potholes, sand, and even mud probably. I did the sand, I have to try the mud.

The speed on the highway is excellent, I ride 100km per hour before I even notice, and there is more power in the bike than I first suspected since it has a lot less horsepower than the Dominar. But I should no longer compare, it is apples and pears, and although both fruits, the experience when handling and eating one is quite different. Same with the bikes.

The house is amazing, way too big for one person. Could I open the fridge from the bed in the small studio apartment in Playa del Carmen, now I have to walk all the way to the kitchen.  Two bedrooms and a proper shower, a nice garden complete the joy of living in a quiet neighborhood in the middle of Cancun’s city center.

It is amazing how quiet it is here and how the city noise disappears to a faraway rumble when you enter this neighborhood.

The ugly dog from the owner stinks as he sits beside me in the morning when I have my coffee listening to the birds in the trees around the house. But that does not end my joyous feeling of living here. The endless shade gives the house a cold feel, but I guess on a summer’s day that will be very pleasant.  At the moment it is winter, and pretty cold, I enjoy sleeping under a nice thick cover.

So I got you guys some photos, I will be traveling Quintana Roo for a few days, and as soon as my license plates are in I can do all the Yucatan peninsula. My mounts are ordered, so I can put the camera on the bike and film where I am going. For now, stills will have to do. But they speak for themselves.


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  • Wendy

    HI Jeanette,
    I tried to click on your telegram site but unable to connect to your telegram site- via my iPad or iPhone.
    Anyway, hope you stay safe on the road.

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