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I quit Facebook and Instagram

I quit Facebook and Instagram and I am still not sure whether or not that was a wise decision. I do miss the interaction, I got to know some awesome people there that I refer to as “friends” and I miss their presence in my life. 

Is it wise to quit Facebook and Instagram if you have a business like mine? I am not sure. Visitors’ numbers have not dropped, so I guess for my website it does not make much difference. But maybe that is too soon to tell and should I wait for a few months to decide on that?

quit Facebook when you own a business

Not totally disconnected yet, business-wise

For years I had this love/hate relationship with social media. And I am still not sure whether or not I am going to make it without Facebook entirely.

I do share a little on Facebook every now and then to make the people miss me (or so I hope) because  I do miss people, and I have so much time on my hands. For let’s be honest, Facebook and Instagram kind of follow you throughout the day in those dull moments of waiting or travel.

How often do you pick up your phone when waiting in line, traveling in a bus or next to a person in the car, before and after eating out in a restaurant and in those moments that you feel like you HAVE TO share it with the world?

Pelicans Caribbean Sea

Social Media had become a way of thinking

For me, it had become a way of thinking. I thought in Instagram moments and Facebook posts. I know that sounds crazy, but it. Is the truth. I did not realize it until I stopped using it and thought: I need to take a photo of this moment for Facebook.

I did not stop instantly like cold turkey with Facebook like I did with Instagram. First I removed the app from my phone, and I kept using it on my laptop and tablet. But those thoughts of capturing a moment were still there throughout the day.
They fade, slowly and with that I use my phone less and less and my battery lasts longer and longer.

Instagram I stopped cold turkey. One day I got so fed up with all the advertisement in my TL that annoyed me from just scrolling through pretty images that I deleted the whole thing.

With that comes a round on remaining social media to remove the link

And just when Facebook announced its crazy policies for WhatsApp, I decided to do that round once more but now for both WhatsApp and Facebook. All Facebook applications and links to those applications, gone in 1 afternoon.

That also means no more Facebook dating. But it seems like Mexican men use every app for finding a fuck or a date. So my first dick-pics landed in my Telegram even before I figured out all the privacy settings in the app. It is a horny bunch here in the Riviera Maya.

So how are my days without Facebook?

I have so much free time on my hands. I picked up an old hobby of mine: Crowd Watching, I forgot how much fun that is, just sitting in a cool place and watch people passing by. Making up stories in my mind about who they are and where they are going or what connections are when they pass in a group.

And I am mastering the art of relaxing again. I kind of lost that under all the Social Media stress. Which I can confess now is stressful. Even when you proclaim the number of followers is not important and the amount of likes does not bother you, it is somewhere lurking in the back of your mind eating positive energy away when you do not get many likes to a carefully taken photo or written post.


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  • Wendy

    Hi Jeanette,
    Nice to see you still writing some interesting posts on your website.
    I quit Facebook and Instagram recently too, after having some problems with them.
    I agree with you that Social Media can cause too much stress and also distress to our lives.
    I decided to cancel my plans to Mexico. So, I guess I would not be able to meet you in Mexico
    as I hope to, though it would be lovely to continue following your journey.
    Perhaps, we may be able to chat a bit via email. Do drop me an email and let me know how you are getting on from time to time. It will be nice to hear from you.

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