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Motorcycle Road trip Mexico part 4

Isla Aguada is not the most logical place to stop for the night. Most people push through a little further and stop in Cuidad del Carmen. But I am not “Most people” and therefore I discovered a cute village at the foot of the bridge

It is not a long drive from the colorful streets of Campeche to the entrance of the huge Tol-bridge to which Isla Aguada is the entrance point. But the road is very scenic, with some amazing views.

We stop at a small restaurant for lunch, and realize that we no longer see other motorcycle riders, we have left the touristic areas far behind us, and all the well-known roads (read also: Adios Merida, Hola Campeche)

The reception of our hotel is almost at the toll booths of the giant bridge that connects the islands to the mainland and Cuidad del Carmen with the rest of Campeche. But it is a quirky hotel with rooms all over the town. So we have to drive a little to find our rooms.

The rooms are basic but good, the internet is fine and the noise of the endless streams of traffic is not overwhelming. The village is next to nothing. There is a huge RV park and a lonely beach and plenty of closed restaurants that make us think that maybe due to the pandemic most are out of business. We have seen that a lot already in previous cities. Trust me: Google maps is no longer your best travel companion when it comes to local businesses here in Mexico.

I am excited about the huge bridge, it will be something to pass it. It will also be my first real toll road in Mexico. My feelings remind me a little about the excitement I felt when crossing the San Juanico bridge in the Philippines, between Samar and Leyte. Part of the Pan Filipino highway that we travel during our road trip in The Philippines.
(Watch the video The longest bridge in the Philippines)

Riding in Mexico? Download our GPX file of this ride including waypoints and restaurant stops, gas stations, and other nice-to-know data for a safe and pleasant journey. Campeche to Isla Aguada Route 

We discover a nice restaurant with amazing seafood and so cheap we can hardly believe it. We walk the sand roads of the villages, the empty beaches, underneath the huge bridge, and buy ice cream at the local ice cream store.

We do laundry and hang it to dry on a washing line we tie between the two motorbikes and we take a few photos.

If you click on the photo it will enlarge and you can see more details.