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Our Visit to the Pueblos Mágicos in Mexico

No matter how well you plan a trip and how many hours you stare at a map, in the end, you will always feel like you should have stayed longer in some places.

We are on a road trip through Mexico. From Cancun to La Paz, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. From the Caribbean Sea to the Gulf of California. OVer 8500KM, no tollway if possible, only libre and smaller roads right through the heart of Mexico.

We have visited villages where seldom a tourist stops, let alone a white tourist, a foreigner. And we have been from sea level to over 4000 meters high up in the mountains. We have seen blazing sunshine, rode through rain, and thick fog and we had paved and unpaved and paved without pavement left due to the weather. We still have dessert to go and a few thousand miles as I post this article, but there will be no more Pueblos Magicos to pass through.

Time to make a compilation of all those wonderful and colorful cities with a rich culture and history that goes way back to the days of the Spanish occupation.


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