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Supermarkets in Mexico are amazing

After 3 years in the Philippines, the Mexican supermarkets are a wonder to me. Although the Philippines in the big cities like Cebu and Manila have good and well-stocked supermarkets also, I lived in a rural area and had hardly anything available. no red tomatoes and abundances of green veggies and the meat and cakes….and not to mention dairy products and choices in well-cut meat without bone splinters in it.

In the Philippines, I learned to live with little and I learned to live with the words:

  • out of stock ma’am
  • try next store, ma’am
  • maybe next month ma’am

it frustrated me sometimes but one comes to acceptance if you do not want to live under constant stress about the unavailability of things.
And it included numerous products in all ranges.

Here I can buy clothes in the right size and more choice than just 1 t-shirt. I have plenty of choices, even in bra’s and panties, but also the variety of women’s shorts. I have been wearing men’s shorts for so long, here I bought nice prints and good sizes and quality.

Yoghurt and cheese, we Dutch love our yoghurt and cheese. I have so much choice here, with or without probiotics, sweetened ar with fruits, Greek or bio and even soy. The same goes for the cheese. Mexican cheese is good as it is and there is plenty of import cheese. In the Philippines, imported cheese was rare and extremely expensive and the local cheese was a kind of melted cheese that could be kept outside the fridge and it did not taste like cheese at all.

So shopping here is heaven and hell. Heaven for I enjoy things like freshly baked bread with the crunchy crust and the cauliflower and bright red tomatoes and sweet strawberries. hell because of the so many choices I have trouble deciding what to buy.

Supermarkets are huge here, and they sell everything, from air con to car tyres to furniture and office supplies and of course groceries.


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