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Travel photos: Samar and Leyte in The Philippines

Samar and Leyte are provinces not many tourists got o visit. And that is a shame, for although they are poorer than other parts of the Philippines, they are abundant in everything else. Especially in nature.

There is plenty of water in Samar and Leyte and that turns these provinces into luscious and abundant green areas. Even more so than other parts of the Philippines. The landscape changes from endless green ricefields to volcanic mountains covered with jungle.

The Pan Filipino highway leads through these to provinces going all the way down south to transport goods and passengers to the southern states in the Philippines like Mindanao. Samar and Leyte are connected by the San Juanico bridge, a huge construction over the Leyte Gulf, and really worth driving over and have a look at.

I have collected the 12 most genuine photos I took in this area during my motorcycle trip so you can see for yourself what beauty lies hidden in Samar and Leyte. If you are looking to meet the real authentic Philippines, this is the place to go.

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Do you want to see videos from Samar and Leyte?

On my Leaving Holland Channel on YouTube, I have many videos about life in the Philippines, they vary from One Minute Videos, unedited real views from the Philippines, to 360º videos of amazing places, but also tutorials and Questions and Answers, all organized in playlists, per city, per province, per topic.

To see the videos of Samar and Leyte, you click here and YouTube will open in a new tab.