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What to do in Cancún? Parque Las Palapas

In the evenings after work and in the weekends, the local people of Cancún gather in Parque Las Palapas. It is a street food fiesta kind of thing that comes with free entertainment most times and lots of stalls that offer fun, drinks, food and pleasure for both mums, dads and kids.

Balloon vendors walk around with colourful balloons, toys are sold, candy everything for a good time

It gets pretty busy in the Parque which is more of a square like a place with a giant playground and a stage where performers will give a show. And it is fun to walk around the ever so friendly Mexicans that are eager to let you taste their food and chat with you.

Bring Google to translate when you don’t speak Spanish, for Mexicans are either too shy to speak the little English they have mastered or they do not speak any English at all.

Video Parque Las Palapas Cancun

When you stay in the hotelzone and you want to meet locals and get a sniff at local culture Parque Las Palapas is the place to go.
The moment the sun starts setting, that is the moment to go there.
Take bus 1 or 2 out of the hotelzone and get off at the big supermarket Chedraui at Avenida Tulum, just outside the Hotelzone.
Aks the bus driver to announce Las Palapas.

From the bus stop, walk around the Supermarket, keep left, then right, pass the little park, the hostel and bar with the murals, and keep going straight there is a small curve int he road and right there on the right is Parque Las Palapas. Look it up on Google Maps before you start walking.

The area is very tourist friendly, there are a few hotels and restaurants in that area. So it is safe to walk there even at night

When returning, follow the way back to the supermarket, buses stop across the street in front of the hospital. Take any bus 1 or 2 back to the Hotelzone.

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