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Is everything on the Internet true?

Gosh, I wish. I wish everything you read on the internet was true. Then it would be an amazing medium to help us grow and discover. But unfortunately, there is so much rubbish and fake news out there that it takes a good researcher to separate the bullshit from the facts.

Clickbait makes the internet full of false news and that is true

Clickbait articles are those articles that post sensational photos like: “look this giant snake eats her alive after taking a selfie”, and “remove your cancer by eating 3 lemons a day”, rubbish like that. And the sad thing is people click on it. Even I do sometimes for I cannot believe my eyes that people would read something like that, I just have to check that rubbish out.

But although these articles are obviously not true and total rubbish, the venom and real danger lie in the articles that appear to be solid. For example like the zillion articles on how to get your boyfriend back (guaranteed) and how to lose massive weight within 1 month.

They are built around ‘facts’ that make them appear to be true. And yet they are products born in clever minds of people that earn money from our insecurities and weaknesses. That exploit our shattered hopes and crushed dreams. We love to pursue happiness and when we feel unhappy we search the internet for answers, and that is why those websites exist.

And then there are websites like mine. I recently was doubting my own information. As a perfectionist and criticaster and strong opinionist about the abuse of the internet, I have to criticize myself every so often. To stay focused I guess.

JC from Holland, Sinulog

I was talking to 2 young ladies dreaming of a life in the Philippines. And I heard myself talking as if I knew all the facts. Now I do know a lot of facts, about the cost of living (for me) about tourist visa extension, about road safety, about …….you name it, what is on this website and on my YouTube Channel But my information is sometimes colored by my experience. And although I try to present them without my emotions ringing through, that is not always possible.

Like the stories on dating and my dating life. It is about my dating life and my experiences, I add some research to it and all together they make a strong solid article. But are they factually true?
You might experience it totally different.
Or, like a review on a bad hotel full of roaches, you may not find one and enjoy your stay. Do you know what I mean?

The Internet is what we want to believe it is, and it manipulates us in believing what we see

So is the internet true? I guess not. I guess the internet is what we want to believe it is. If you want your boyfriend back and continue a relationship that is bound to be broken again, follow those websites and their tips and give it a go. Do it. Believe what you read. Do what makes you happy and live with your decisions.

If you want to book that holiday to that gorgeous white beach you find on Google images, and you will not add a shred of reality to your holiday expectations, you may find yourself very disappointed in a cue of other disillusioned travelers on a bounty beach, or crowd surfing while whale watching.

Nothing is what it seems. Especially not on the internet

My timetables are facts, they were real when I passed that port, and I try to keep them up to date, but maybe you find them outdated and ferry companies have disappeared due to cutbacks or port law changes.

My visa experiences and costs are real. So are my articles on the cost of living. But they are my spendings and my experiences. Are they true? Yes, to me they are. Will it be the same when you do the same thing? probably not, for you are not me.

For every research, you can find contra research, and for every fact an opposite fact. If the internet states that the majority of people believe what they read in the internet, there will be a researcher that will come up with different results on the subject.

So, I guess the internet is true if it is what you wish to identify with and it is what is emotionally appealing to you. The danger is when you see it all one dimensional.
Like poor countries opening up to the internet and poor people using Google and finding life in the first world or richer countries much more appealing.
They start to long for a life like that and may overlook the fact that it took f.e. Europe many many years to build that kind of economy and environment for people to live.

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And the internet never presents the whole picture. While those people stare at the glitter and glamour, the houses and shops, they are not aware of social issues like ‘silent poverty’, feelings of unsafety and social insecurity.
Unemployment and teenage fallout in schools, rivalry and greed.

It is up to the internet user to define if he wants to believe what he sees, or have a sharper mind and put things in perspective. it is just like religion. No Christian has ever seen God, yet they all believe, and they all take the Bible as the truth. Likewise, with the internet, we believe what we see because we like it and identify with it because it is appealing to us.

But we must be aware that there are businessmen out there that cleverly play our emotions and make big money on our insecurities and search for answers. And their intention is to make money, that is the only truth.

Is my website true? Yes, it is, but it is my truth. And it is up to you to put it in your reality, in your perspective and not just bluntly believe what I dot down every now and then. For there are always multiple sides to a story.

All information on this website is for free, that is true!

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